Amgen Canada retained H+K Canada  to develop and execute a public relations campaign to support the launch of  PROLIA®, a unique, targeted treatment for postmenopausal women with osteoporosis at high risk for fracture. Our challenge was to generate attention for this often overlooked disease.
We launched PROLIA with a national media campaign and eight unbranded public education forums held in partnership with stakeholder groups in communities across Canada. Ongoing stakeholder engagement and partnership – with Osteoporosis Canada  and CARP – helped lay the groundwork for future advocacy and reimbursement efforts.
Our program exceeded expectations in terms of quantity and quality of coverage; and its success, in large part, was due to the engagement and involvement of physicians, stakeholders and  patients; a mix of controlled media and traditional media outreach tactics; as well as our ongoing consumer awareness campaign. Overall, we helped Amgen raise awareness of osteoporosis, the current treatment gap and PROLIA as a new treatment option.