Politics in Alberta is ‘almost’ simple – forty years has taught us that Albertans will vote for conservatives and current polls tell us that won’t change. But which conservative party they will vote for? The ruling PC party and the Wildrose party are in a statistical dead heat based on current polls.
From allegations of deep-seated corruption to allegations of playing politics with public funding, Redford and her caucus colleagues have been unable to fully recover from the onslaught of opposition attacks, and as a result, they have seen their main competition, the Wildrose Party, steadily gaining on them in the polls.
A win for the NDP will be keeping the two seats they have or gaining a seat. The Liberals need to keep the seats they have. The Wildrose only need to get a seat for Danielle Smith and pick up a few more seats to declare a success. The question is how many seats can the PC party lose and still be able to declare victory- forming government may not be enough for Redford.