Valeria Maltoni at Conversation Agent reports on another study from SmartBrief on the use being made by business of social media. I haven’t had a chance to look at the study itself, but Ms Maltoni does a quick-and-dirty summary of the study’s eight key themes.
One of her conclusions surprises me:

Despite their early presence in social media, communications and PR firms are not the chosen source of advice or consultation on social media for companies. Instead, the majority of companies are using internal resources for developing and implementing their social-media strategies.

It may explain, though, why according to Ms Maltoni’s review of the the study most companies are focusing on what she labels “generic topics and mainstream tools” specifically Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and blogs.
Which in turn raises the question whether the topics and tools are being chosen by internal teams as the outcome of a strategic assessment of the social web in the context of business objectives, or random experimentation driven by an executive itch for results that needs scratching.

Authored by: Boyd Neil