Brian Mersereau

With more than three decades of experience serving as a strategic counsellor and business advisor on many federal government projects, Brian has played a key role as trusted advisor on a variety of goods and services assignments in both the military and commercial sectors, including many of Canada’s major mergers and acquisitions.

Brian has an in-depth grasp of the sectoral and communications challenges that must be addressed when the private sector interacts with the public sector on large, complex and sensitive initiatives, and he understands the absolute necessity for public engagement between the two sectors.

He understands the importance of developing strategic responses to meet governmental and the public’s needs—with regard to both policy and regulation—and is keenly aware of the essential role that well thought-out public affairs and communications programs play in achieving a successful outcome.

Media of all kind, whether social or traditional, has an impact on how many major projects unfold. Brian has the skills and experience to work with clients at senior levels in developing the necessary media and public engagement strategies to manage what is often seen as an uncontrollable third party.

Brian brought to the company more than 15 years of hands-on experience from the buyer’s perspective of evaluating, negotiating and managing major government contracts with the now Department of Public Services and Procurement Canada. Since leaving the public service in 1983, he has held numerous executive positions within H+K, including national practice director for the public affairs unit.