Elma Foric

Elma is an award-winning conceptual and strategic thinker with a keen eye for design. She works in both the physical and digital space with a wide range of experience spanning energy, lifestyle and pharmaceutical. Beginning her career in the UK, Elma brings global experience to the agency world, creating multi-million-dollar campaigns for Canada’s largest retail, airline and beverage brands.

Combining big ideas and social strategy is her forte. Most recently she has done this for clients such as, YMCA, J&J and Westjet’s partnership with RBC. She’s not only proficient in design, but has a depth of experience in styling shoots, creating interactive customer experiences and directing video production. She also leads client workshops to uncover brand narratives and bring those concepts to life.

In a recent campaign for Pfizer’s oncology department, she developed an awareness campaign that turned an unknown disease into a social media campaign that was viewed by almost 1  million Canadians and was recognized as North American Campaign of the Year at the Sabre Awards.

Her background has allowed her to seamlessly blend elements of PR, design and advertising, while leading creative teams to combine big ideas and creative platforms for Canadian companies.

Her objective is to always push, keep it simple, and create something that makes a meaningful difference.