Hilda  Kinross

Adopting an ‘always in beta’ philosophy as H+K Canada’s Chief Innovation Officer, Hilda is responsible for adapting and deploying new proprietary innovation tools and approaches across the national network, providing strategic counsel on large national files and integrated new business opportunities.

She brings over 20 years of experience in planning and executing integrated communications and marketing programs in a wide variety of sectors including, Consumer technology, CPG, Entertainment, Fashion and Retail, Food and Beverage, Consumer Health and Leisure and Travel.

Before joining the firm, Hilda spent several years directing national public and media relations efforts in the technology marketplace, with a focus on consumer marketing. Her background includes event management and, in her prior years of practice, managing direct mail and employee communications campaigns. While living in South Africa, Hilda managed the external communications programs for a leading wireless company and headed up a global sponsorship project for an international telecommunications company.

Hilda holds a bachelor of arts and an honours degree in business from WITS University in South Africa. She also studied international relations at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel.