In political terms, it’s known as the Wild West—and, to make sure you can keep up with B.C. politics, we’ve ranked the top social media leaders to follow. From press conferences to the campaign trail, breaking news to photos of a cabinet minister’s dog, these 10 journalists and 10 MLAs will give you the latest political developments.
Twitter has become the online forum for communicating messages, debating public policy issues and yes, even posting mundane pictures of empty podiums. And as more Canadians turn to social media to get their news, politicians and media have also embraced Twitter to reach out to voters and inform audiences.
Our ranking is based on the most active Twitter users, averaged over three categories: number of followers, tweets per day and Klout score.
#BCpoli will keep you up-to-date on the latest happenings. When it comes to B.C. politics on Twitter, this is your who’s who.