With provincial politicians getting ready to run for re-election in 2017, H+K Strategies thought it would be a good time to update our “Who’s Who” of Twitter list. H+K Strategies has ranked the top social media leaders to follow. From the halls of the legislature in Victoria to all corners of B.C., these 10 journalists and 10 MLAs will give you the latest political developments before you’ll get them anywhere else.
Following these top MLAs and journalists will help you stay informed about the current issues in B.C. politics. Twitter is an important online forum for communicating messages, debating policy, and yes, posting selfies.
So why is this important? Increasingly people are getting their news from social media sources. Politicians and media have embraced Twitter to reach out to voters and inform audiences.
In this 2016 update, the Green Party’s Andrew Weaver stayed at the top of the list. New Democrat David Eby and BC Liberal Minister Terry Lake ranked two and three respectively.
On the rankings of journalists, Global TV’s Keith Baldrey tops the list followed by the Globe and Mail’s Gary Mason and Rob Shaw from the Vancouver Sun.
H+K’s ranking is based on the most active users of Twitter, averaged over three categories. MLAs and political reporters were evaluated on their number of followers, their tweets per day and their Klout score.
When it comes to B.C. politics on Twitter, this is your who’s who.