To build its social media community, improve direct-to-consumer engagement and drive product awareness, we work with Motorola Mobility Canada using a 360-degree marketing approach that includes contests.
As Motorola’s social media partner, we are well-positioned to create contests with strategic, goal-oriented precision – and execute them flawlessly. Our Motorola “Four Weeks of RAZR Awesome” exceeded contest-entry goals by nearly 40 per cent, and our “Four Weeks of Awesome” daily giveaways increased fan engagement. When Justin Bieber’s Believe Tour came to town, we offered up the chance to meet Justin – which generated 16,000 new Facebook fans, testing our Facebook app thanks to an overwhelming onslaught of contest entries.
In 2012 alone, helped in large part by our creative contests with relevant prizing, Motorola’s Facebook fans grew by 333 per cent, and its Twitter followers increased by 782 per cent.