Wanderlust. Animals. Food. Love.
Thanks to smartphones, anyone can document the moments of life through a lens and share it with the world—admittedly, some of us do it with more artistic flare.
Whether it’s a trained photographer who shares stunning works of art through an Instagram channel, or an iPhone junkie who’s a serial shoot-and-post type, there’s no question that there’s a lot of talent on Instagram. And much of that talent is grown right here in Canada.
You’ll probably want to set aside an hour (or four) to comb through the Instagram feeds for our newest 10 to follow, listed by greatest number of Instagram followers:

@alexstrohl (928k followers)—born in Madrid but calling British Columbia home, Alex takes photos that are the epitome of editorial precision. Take a walk through the mountains, peek into remote cabins and imagine skipping rocks on sheets of dreamily still water. We vote this stream most likely to make you want to be outdoorsy.

@robinmay (605k followers)—fans watched and cheered as she met the love of her life and their story unfolded on Instagram (and she moved south of the border). Often accompanied by words that will move you as much as the images, Robin’s feed is one of gratitude, presence, delight and heart.

@andrewknapp (468k followers)—you know when your Instagram feed spurs a book deal that you’ve got a good thing going. And so it is with Andrew’s ongoing journey alongside his faithful furry friend, Momo. It’s usually Where’s Waldo meets the Canadian landscape—and people are hooked—but we love Momo’s closeups even more.

@punkodelish (453k followers)—drenched in romanticism, Kael’s photo feed is a travel-fuelled journey that takes us to distant lands and deeper into cities we already thought we knew. It’s a study in nature’s great mysteries, botanical perfection and the softer side of urban adventure.

@greatnorthco (258k followers)—it’s not a single photographer responsible for these pics, but rather a collective of Canadian shutterbugs and artists. Travel the country one photo at a time; you’ll find yourself lost in Northern Lights, wild animals, mountain ranges and the splendor that is Canada.

@annawithlove (86k followers)—travel. Fine art. Design. Portraits. And the most magnificent selfies. Toronto-based Anna shoots it all. Nearly every image leaves you feeling like it’s a well-orchestrated magazine shoot handled by a big team. But it’s really Anna’s eye, incredible styling and perfect lighting working in harmony to bring you a visual feast.

@montrealismes (59k followers)—if National Geographic only covered Québec, this would be the result. From scrumptious local food and drink to picturesque homes and sights across La Belle Province, this Insta-feed takes #instagood to the next level.

@soteeoh (58k followers)—just when you thought you knew Ontario’s capital city, there’s this assembly of Toronto-based stories told through a single lens. The iconic Eaton Centre, transit shots so beautiful you’ll forget it’s “just” the TTC, the shores of Lake Ontario and beauty found amidst a concrete jungle—these are a few of our favourite things.

@randomactsofpastel (51k followers)—oh, to see the world through rose-coloured glasses… If you like the pink and gloriously girlie, you’ve love this stream! Unwind. De-stress. Be inspired. And think happy thoughts—trust us, you won’t be able to help it. WARNING: hunger may occur.

@martinesansoucy (21k followers)—combine the breathtaking beauty of Saskatchewan with a mix of wedding, lifestyle, beauty and fashion photography and you’ve got the makings of a dramatically diverse and wonderfully wistful Instagram feed.