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The Entertainment Software Association Canada (ESAC) works on behalf of major video game console makers, publishers, large and small independent developers, and national video game distributors to ensure that Canada remains a great place to innovate, create and publish video games. H+K Canada provides strategic media relations support to ESAC, highlighting the positive impact of the video game industry to federal and provincial governments, video game consumers and the broader public.



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The campaign was a great success, securing a first day feature in the Financial Post, which was syndicated across the country through Post Media. The article highlighted the growth, success, and importance of the video game industry in Canada, including a supporting quote from ESAC CEO Jayson Hilchie to conclude the story. An additional 108 stories were written about the report over the course of the campaign, reaching a total of 38 million readers across the country.

In late 2021, ESAC released The Canadian Video Game Industry 2021, an economic impact report which found video game companies in Canada generated $4.3 billion in revenue annually, an increase of 20% over the past two years.

To increase visibility of the report with key audiences, H+K developed a national media relations campaign to highlight this growth, promote the importance of the video game industry and increase awareness of ESAC and their member companies. The campaign targeted tier one outlets for a day one exclusive, and then continued outreach to trade and industry publications throughout November.

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