Video | What’s Next for the Energy Sector?

by Will Stewart

Senior Vice-President and National Lead, Public Affairs + Advocacy
October 13, 2021

Video | What’s Next for the Health Sector?

On September 27, H+K hosted a virtual panel discussion that explored what’s next for the health sector after the 44th federal election. Our panel of experts discussed health system capacity and planning, the interplay between the provinces and the federal government, mental health, bio-innovation and bio-manufacturing, public health and more. They examined how the pandemic impacted policies in … Read more

Metro Vancouver’s Housing Affordability Crisis

There’s no question that housing affordability is top of mind for voters in British Columbia and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Today, the average single-family detached home in Vancouver costs $1.8 million dollars. Condos aren’t far behind, averaging $737,000 per unit. The reality is that so many people – even those making … Read more

Doing Business + Campaigning in Quebec: Similarities to Consider

The Quebec voter has always given political strategists a hard time and fascinated observers with its unpredictability. As such it would be very foolhardy for a political analyst to predict with confidence the outcome of the current federal election in Quebec. The federal parties’ campaign teams must strongly consider the opinions, values and culture of … Read more