Healthcare: A Discussion the Whole Community Should Be Having

by H+K Global

June 18, 2016

Healthcare: A Discussion the Whole Community Should Be Having

Innovative and creative communication is no longer limited to traditional consumer brands. The health sector has recently witnessed an incredible surge in creative campaigns that convey strong messages and highlight key issues. Lions Health is only a three year old category at the Cannes Lions festival, but it’s already carved out a space for itself, inspiring … Read more

Audiences Love Data, But What If They Don’t Understand It?

data decision making tools on web screen

When people are faced with decisions—whether it’s a life-changing choice, such as which cancer surgeon to choose, or something more mundane, such as figuring out which pizza place to visit for lunch—many need validation that they are making the right choice. If they’re thinking about spending money, they might check out reviews or ratings online. … Read more

Letting the Data Decide

The rise and spread of the Internet is one of the most transformative events in human history. Information that would have taken hours of diligent research is available instantly, we are connected to one another in virtual space at all times, and the computers we carry casually in our pockets and handbags can do things … Read more

SXSW: The Most Talked-About Sessions, the Biggest Influencers

Windmills road symbol future

As SXSW takes its final bows for 2017, we’ve reviewed the highlights of the festival to pinpoint who and what received the most traction online, and to decode why. This year, from Friday, March 10th until Sunday, March 19th, Texas once again became host to the world’s most curious, creative and pioneering people within the … Read more

Emoji, A Universal Language? Not Quite.

Emoji are a language of their own, and the native speakers fit squarely within marketing’s Holy Grail demographic: Millennials. From press releases written entirely in emoji to an emoji-fied Bible, the characters are the go-to shortcut for professional communicators of all kinds who are eager to reach young people. The very fact that 2017 saw the … Read more

The Age of Personalization: Why Curated Content Is Good For Business

Personalization is now everywhere. Over the past few years, it has transformed from a marketing objective to a larger value system that guides how we produce and consume content. The advent of big data and artificial intelligence gives business and advertisers greater access to information about their customers’ behavior online, and in turn, helps them … Read more

What if we Considered the Future President of the French Republic as a Brand?

France’s presidential election campaign is under way, resulting in furious commentary from political analysts and observers on the fragmentation of French society; creating doubt and confusion throughout the country. With this in mind, H+K, in partnership with Landor and Kantar Public, wanted to understand what the French actually expect from their ‘ideal’ president. By treating … Read more

Does Data Influence?

The vast trove of information available online is changing the way people make decisions, both large and small. Today, nearly nine out of 10 Americans say they find claims more persuasive if they are supported by data than if they are not, according to “The Transformation of Influence,” a survey of more than 4,000 people conducted by … Read more

Hacking Away at the Ocean Plastic Crisis

The plastic crisis has captured the world’s attention. Since David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II, public consciousness has become consumed with plastics. This increased attention has inspired global action including intergovernmental plastic pacts, plastic bag taxes, banning drinking straws, plastic-free supermarket isles – and even new ketchup packets made from edible seaweed membranes[1]. It is a … Read more