WALL-E, Take the Wheel!: Facing Up to Our Driverless Futures

by H+K Global

January 7, 2018

WALL-E, Take the Wheel!: Facing Up to Our Driverless Futures

Driving Road

Buckle up… are we ready to let WALL-E take the wheel? In case you weren’t paying attention, there are robots on the horizon. Some of them want to drive your car. And the horizon isn’t far off, either. Many automotive manufacturers suggest that we’ll be sharing the road with autonomous vehicles in the next three … Read more

Children and Marketing: 4 Fundamentals of Transparency, Placement and Purpose

Marketing to Children

In June of 2017, the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP), an independent organization responsible for British advertising standards, released new rules banning the advertising of high-fat, -salt, or -sugar food or drink products in media targeted at those under the age of 16. It was the latest addition to an evolving body of guidelines aimed … Read more

The Ethics of New Reality

As we discussed extensively in our Creativity + New Reality event last week, mixed reality technologies are developing rapidly. As always, new technologies lead us to new opportunities, as well as new challenges. We asked the members of Creativity + New Reality’s Mixed Reality panel one question: Are there any ethical issues that mixed reality … Read more

Secondhand Shopping's Firsthand Benefits

Secondhand goods are having a moment—and it goes far beyond garage sales and flea markets. The process of selling old items and buying used ones is becoming easier with online marketplaces and mobile apps, and upcycle-friendly consumers are taking advantage of the trend. “Re-commerce,” as it has been dubbed, is shaking up the retail market, … Read more