Infographic – BC’s Political Landscape on Twitter 2012

by H+K Canada

April 11, 2012

Media Insight – Mike Coates is Canada’s King of the Hill

The spring issue of Advantage Magazine includes a piece on our CEO, Mike Coates, and success of the business he has built at Hill+Knowlton Canada. Click here for the full piece, which highlights the company, its rigorous planning cycles, and new pathways to growth.

Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Ask for Employees’ Facebook Passwords

(This post originally appeared at So, employers think this is smart? A teacher’s aide in Michigan was let go from her job after a school administrator demanded that she turn over her Facebook password and she refused. The aide, Kimberly Hester, is preparing for a legal showdown with the school system. (Read the full … Read more

Putting Canada’s economy first, no apologies

The Harper government seems to have decided Canadians need some straight talk about where our vital interests lie. Too often, our governments feel they must “go along to get along.” Trying hard to be everything to everyone has be come the accepted political norm. But no longer. Canada withdrew from the Kyoto accord last month … Read more

It’s all about momentum

If elections are all about momentum – I am betting that Tuesday’s Ontario leaders debate effectively put a brake on Mr. Mc Guinty’s growth in the polls. In a debate that closely resembled federal narrative – McGuinty looked excited and worried with his hands flapping and fingers jabbing. His oral messages were clear, but, as … Read more

Jack’s Perspective: Democratization

Friends & Colleagues, For years, I have been fascinated by the relationship between the public and legislative bodies, both the U.S. Congress and those at the state level. What has particularly amazed me is how often very intelligent people feel compelled to ask elected officials for permission to advance their agenda as opposed to first … Read more

The “Martin Principle”

Friends & Colleagues, Over 10 years ago, I started showing friends and clients a chart of the progression of enlightened public awareness from 1960 to what was then the turn of the century: Of course, this was before 750 million people worldwide joined Facebook and long before I stumbled onto the notion that we are … Read more

It’s all about “glocalization”

If globalization is the dominant business trend, the cross currents I talked about in my last post are starting to create a re-think on where the future is headed.  Some, like Jeff Rubin have suggested that with the rise in energy prices, the world is about to get a lot smaller as transportation costs move … Read more

What’s in a Vision

A group of about 40 of our senior staff from across the country recently came together to war game our company’s three year goal. Using Jim Collins methodology for defining Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG) we wanted to develop something that was lasting and inspirational. What we came up with was that in three years … Read more