Mind the Gap: Marketing That’s Bridging Virtual and Real Reality

by H+K Global

September 28, 2016

Mind the Gap: Marketing That’s Bridging Virtual and Real Reality

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Technology can be intrusive when you’re trying to live a real life in the real world. As new tools such as augmented reality continue to blur the line between the physical world and the digital one, the distractions of multiple mediums and devices offer opportunities as well as challenges for marketers. Here are a few … Read more

Go Ahead and Shatter the Glass Ceiling: Shareholders Will Thank You

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In the 50-plus years since the Equal Pay Act became law, most successful organizations have worked to diversify their workforces. The efforts are salutary and well-intentioned, driven more often than not by appeals to social justice and the desire to ensure that people are treated fairly and given equal access to opportunity. But if the … Read more

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“Our Paint Is Light”: How A Japanese Art Collective Is Mixing The Digital And Physical

The digital age sits on a foundation of paradoxes. Social networks connect us, but we remain physically apart. Digital tools for collective action, from crowdfunding to online petitions, rarely bring us together. All too often, technology stimulates our minds but leaves our bodies inactive. Can these contradictions between the digital and physical be reconciled? TeamLab, … Read more

The Weekly Five Pointer: How to read Game of Thrones before 2019, a transatlantic cable, and other things you might’ve missed

Ever heard of Sputnik? Well, it’s for sale. Even if you’ve heard of Elon Musk, you may not know that his mom, Maye Musk, just landed a new job. And though you might recall learning about Paul Revere in history class, you might not have expected his name to make headlines in this century. All … Read more

Trump 45: Mood in America and Mexico

Today, Donald J. Trump has been sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. President Trump, who prior to his new political life was better known as being a businessman and a reality TV star, hardly fits the traditional mold for American presidents—or for any American politician, for that matter. His campaign was … Read more

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The Values Sharing Economy

When given the choice, people prefer to do business with companies who share their values. This creates a powerful incentive for businesses to exhibit and exemplify the values that are of the greatest importance to their customers, employees and shareholders. In fact, shared values should be the primary basis upon which companies engage with their … Read more

 Hill+Knowlton Strategies named Pan-EMEA Agency of the Year


Hill+Knowlton Strategies has been named Pan-EMEA Consultancy of the Year at the Holmes Report SABRE Awards in Amsterdam. “We are delighted with the results. To win this award twice in three years, in a category with so many other strong nominees, is testament to all the hard work and excellent client service delivery from our teams … Read more

#PRovoke18 Panel: Applying the Science of Human Behavior to the Art of Communications

We are hosting a panel at the #PRovoke18 conference, Applying the Science of Human Behavior to the Art of Communications. Join us on Twitter and Facebook for live updates. The event will be live-streamed as well. Date: October 24, 1:30 PM EST Location: The Watergate Hotel, Washington, D.C. About the panel:  As communicators we have always known … Read more

Stakes for EV in Trade War Deadline

Regardless of what happens on the March 1st deadline for a new U.S.-China trade pact, there is no turning back from a future of electric vehicles. In the U.S., sales of plug-in electric vehicles have increased steadily since 2012 and spiked last year with sales estimated at 400,000, doubling 2017’s total. Even this, though, is … Read more