With a tight race underway in Drummond, Quebec, NDP incumbent Francois Choquette has settled in for the fight of his political life amongst a crowded field. For him, connecting with voters on relevant issues would appear irrelevant to his political success.

According to data run at the end of the first week of the campaign by H+K’s partner Advanced Symbolics Inc.’s (ASI) – Canada’s only Artificial Intelligence (AI) pollster – the dominant issues that voters are engaged about in the riding are unemployment and jobs, indigenous issues, healthcare, immigration and refugees, and taxes.

The issue landscape in the riding should play to the NDP’s core value proposition on employment insurance, reconciliation, universal pharmacare and dental coverage, but interestingly Choquette is not seeming to benefit from this.

If these trends hold, Choquette will need to be reliant on his considerable public awareness – he is nearly five times more well-known than Bloc candidate Martine Champoux, and over ten-times more well-known than Conservative candidate Jessica Ebacher – if he is to mount a significant comeback in this election.

Methodology. Historical data is collected by ASI from the Canadian Census. Predictive data is from “Polly” an AI that predicts voter intentions based on publicly available social media data. Social media data is gathered from ASI’s online representative sample of over 270,000 Canadians selected using ASI’s patented CIC algorithm.