Democracy is important—profoundly so. On its best days, it inspires and connects people.
But there are a lot of other days that aren’t so compelling. Election campaigns can be long. Important? Yes. But long. And this election campaign is the longest in the last century.
You know what else is long? Political speeches. Policy platforms. Media panel discussions. The never-ending cascade of political and third-party ads.
Some things just seem long, like the time it takes to recognize a robocall, or the period of time before you can politely tell a candidate who knocked on your door that no, in fact, you will not be supporting him or her.
But you know what isn’t long and isn’t too serious? Emojis!
At   we   emojis. Because in 2015, everyone loves emojis.
Here are our #elxn42 emojis you wish you had. We told our story of the campaign using emojis. What story would you tell? See our emoji legend below with downloadable links for your own amusement. Enjoy!

Emoji Legend:

Download here:

Harper hair | Mulcair hair | Trudeau hair | Wyatt Scott’s ad

Conservative Party polo | Orange crush | Justin name tag | Attack ad

Robocalls | Broken-down campaign bus | Closed Parliament | Bullhorn

Countdown | Ballot | Debate | Boxing glove | Vote pin | 10-percenters

Conservative Party logo | NPD logo | Liberal Party logo | Green Party logo