Facebook is continually changing its features in order to provide increasing value for companies. In particular, Facebook is making it easier for companies through their pages to develop targeted programs to reach well-defined audiences. Here are a few recent upgrades, developed in conjunction with Matt Muir, digital consultant in our H+K London Interactive Lab.
Report Duplicate Pages
This feature will come as a pleasant change for many companies faced with duplicate or parody Facebook pages. Companies will now be able to report unofficial or parody pages to Facebook. Facebook is testing a “Report Duplicates” module, which will allow you to search pages related in some fashion to your own and report unofficial pages. Facebook will review the duplicates and then re-categorize them as community pages that link back to the official fan page. This feature, which appears in the “Edit Page/Update Info” dashboard of some Facebook pages, will help page owners address the common problem of fan-created pages being confused with official pages, and will be particularly useful for companies looking to remove / control parody pages or unofficial, off-brand content on Facebook.
Post Scheduling
You will now be able to schedule posts through Facebook without having to use a  third-party application such as HootSuite. Posts can be scheduled up to six months in advance by clicking on the clock icon when drafting a new post. Similarly, posts “scheduled” in this way to dates in the past will be slotted into the appropriate place in the timeline.
Page Post Targeting
Facebook began rolling out enhanced page post targeting, which allows page administrators to target posts to specific demographic segments. The targeting variables include:
– Age
– Gender
– Interested in
– Relationship status
– Education
– Workplace
– Plus the old options — Language, and Location: Country, State, City
All content still remains on the page: the targeting applies only to fans of the page who will see the posts in their newsfeed. This, in conjunction with the recently rolled out features enabling pages to target posts at users based on their location and language, is a useful tool for companies with large, diverse Facebook fan bases, enabling delivery of targeted messaging to segmented audience groups.
Unpublished Page Posts
This may seem like an odd one, but it allows community managers to target promotions without them showing up on a page’s timeline or users’ news feeds. This is exclusively for promoted content (that is, posts that are used as advertising collateral, such as sponsored stories). Such promoted page posts appear only on the right hand side column, and not in the news feed. This is particularly useful for companies and organizations wanting to promote certain products, offers or initiatives that are either geographically exclusive or of interest to certain niche demographics. With this feature, these promotions can take place without cluttering the page (and therefore users’ newsfeeds) with information that is irrelevant to them.
New Administrator Permissions
Of interest to Facebook page administrators which feature third-party applications,  Facebook has rolled out new page administrator permissions. According to TNW, “This move comes not long after Facebook made it possible for owner-admins to assign other admins with more nuanced permissions, rather than the end-to-end control all admins were given previously. Now you won’t need to give a third-party monitoring or management app more permissions than it needs to do what you want it to do.”