I’m new at H+K, and I love it!
I got my start in the research industry at 16 years old. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients on thousands of assignments, ranging from pure market research to in-depth ongoing panels of every size, media polling for elections and large scale longitudinal research.
In my career I’ve experienced seismic changes in research methods and technologies. One of my earliest memories from my first job is as a telephone interviewer working on paper-based surveys. At the end of the shift my supervisor packed up the boxes of surveys and drove them across town to be data entered. It was a slow and expensive process. With the dawn of the Internet age, the industry was transformed, utterly, and almost overnight.
At first, the online mode was used for relatively small list-based surveys, such as employee satisfaction, but soon sampling protocols were established for approximating random samples from giant email lists. A dizzying flurry of new product launches followed. Suddenly you could do anything through the internet – online engagement sessions, in-depth interviews, focus groups and surveys.
But the industry didn’t wait for the new methods to be measured, tested and understood. It steamed on and fragmented. Where clients could once get all research services under one roof, now there was a supplier for every facet of a research project. Many organizations didn’t survive the transformation to a vastly more competitive market, while others thrived. The early days of the internet-age were confusing times and clients could be led astray by consultants who themselves didn’t fully understand the implications of a poor underlying sample or basic mode effects of these new tools and methods.
But what has emerged is a powerful array of options for clients, along with fundamentally new modes of collection (online, interactive voice response, mobile) and sampling (mobile, address-based, river, crowdsourcing, online-probability). Today, we have an unimaginable ability to capture, store and analyze data to meet the rising expectations of clients. There are choices and viable options at every level of sophistication. The real value now comes from wading through the various possibilities, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different methods and knowing what combination of options best serves a client.
That is where H+K steps in. The public engagement and research group at H+K delivers a potent mix of methodologies, with bold vision, practiced techniques and measurable results, to meet the rising expectations of clients. When the opportunity to be a part of H+K came, I made a choice.
It was the right choice.
Today, I’m a proud member of the H+K family. I’m in awe of the talent at H+K and impressed by the incredibly lean approach of cross pollinating skills across our practice groups to create the best team for each client assignment. Being asked to add my skills to the groundbreaking work of the public engagement and research group is just one more signal of how serious H+K is about evidence-based strategies and counsel. It’s a great honour to be part of this important work.
H+K is a world class organization, powered by world-class people. It was hardly a leap of faith to join this team!