TORONTO, ON (April 12, 2017) — The power of the public today is unprecedented. The ability for vast groups of people to mobilize in near real-time around an issue, without geographic constraints, is the new reality. If an organization loses sight of where the public stands on critical issues, it can result in staggering costs, hits to reputation or worse – regardless of which sector they’re operating in. This potential for real risk necessitates companies being close to the public on issues that matter to them most.

That’s why Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K) developed Perspectives+ – a panel of over 40,000 Canadians ready and willing to tell you what they think. This research community has been assembled to support a wide range of research engagements and accurately represents real-world demographics. By providing a barometer reading on public opinion, Perspectives+ helps organizations realize the role that public input has on their business strategies, whether it be from a public policy, consumer or corporate point of view. Perspectives+ provides clients with the complete view and real, actionable insights that help shape their engagement, communications, public relations and policy efforts.

“Audiences are not a homogeneous group where a single message, value proposition or tactic is universally effective. Successful communications and engagement programs are derived from a rigorous methodology,” says Elliott Gauthier, vice-president and national director, H+K Canada. “We bring the whole ‘village’ of H+K service offerings together to support the recruitment, nurturing and execution of research assignments. This means we do far more than just market research – we bring an unrivaled understanding of audiences and have the ability to strategically connect to what matters to them. Plus, we have the tools to do everything comprehensively in-house. This is truly unique in the marketplace, and a powerhouse offering for our clients.”

Perspectives+ is managed exclusively by H+K research experts and can be used for a variety of engagements, including the following:

  • General public survey assignments
  • Custom micro-panels
  • In-depth interviews
  • In-person and online-based focus groups
  • Communication testing
  • Deliberative consultation sessions

“Perspectives+ is a part of our holistic Research + Analytics service offering. We take a data-driven approach that ensures we have a deep understanding of our clients’ business landscape and strategic needs,” says Joseph Peters, chief strategy officer, H+K Canada. “Engaging the community also yields insights that identify differentiators and opportunities in the market, as well as an organization’s real and perceived weaknesses and potential threats within a competitive environment.”

H+K has been investing in its in-house research and analytics practice for the past several years, as the agency’s belief is that everything from strategic direction to tactical implementation should be supported by credible research and detailed measurement. H+K’s research team is comprised of professionals with strong methodological expertise and experience, possessing a deep understanding of the public opinion environment in Canada. The team brings modern and relevant methodological solutions to our clients, leveraging both expert primary research techniques with Perspectives+, and other client audiences, and big data and social analytics. In addition to custom research assignments, H+K also offers a bi-weekly Omnibus service with Perspectives+.