Continuing on its path of delivering excellence to clients and employees alike, Hill+Knowlton Canada (H+K) is again the recipient of one of Canada’s highest honours for quality. This is the second time H+K has received the gold-level Canada Order of Excellence from Excellence Canada, and it is indicative of a culture where quality is a top priority.

“We are proud to congratulate the entire H+K team for their continued commitment to high standards, illustrating to clients and competitors alike why our dedication to quality is award-worthy,” said Mike Coates, chairman and CEO of H+K Canada. “We work hard, every day, to build a culture of constant improvement and put quality first in everything we do; third-party validation of our business model further proves we operate at a world-class level.”

The review panel’s findings commended H+K on its “best teams” matrix structure, which ensures quality of client service and efficient business operations, as well as its commitment to collaboration across the firm’s nine Canadian offices. Excellence Canada also noted the strong focus on H+K’s transparent values.

“H+K is inspiring in their dedication to quality in leadership, planning, ethics and processes to name a few of the criteria we examine,” said Allan Ebedes, president and CEO at Excellence Canada. “They have a visible and committed leadership team and it’s been a pleasure to work with them through the evaluation process.”

3M, a fellow Excellence Canada award recipient and valued H+K client, also congratulates the firm on its win: “As past award winners ourselves, we understand the meticulous process involved and have the deepest respect for Hill+Knowlton’s achievement,” said Carla McFarlane, Communications and Community Relations Manager at 3M Canada. “As our public relations partner, we see first-hand how dedicated the company is to top-notch quality for every service it offers. It is always apparent—during brainstorms and meetings and in every piece of written communications and strategic counsel that H+K provides. We are thrilled to share the stage with H+K.”

About Excellence Canada

Formerly called the National Quality Institute, Excellence Canada was formed in 1982 in partnership with Industry Canada. The Canada Awards for Excellence program was designed to:

  • Identify and recognize role model organizations in Canada
  • Establish criteria for evaluating improvement efforts
  • Disseminate and share best practices

This annual program honours business excellence in quality, customer service, innovation and healthy workplaces. It is based on Excellence Canada’s Framework for Organizational Excellence which is used by business, governments and non-profit organizations as a management model for continuous improvement. The awards recognize Canadian businesses that demonstrate tangible evidence of organizational excellence.

Stay tuned for updates on Hill+Knowlton’s ongoing journey using Excellence Canada’s comprehensive Excellence, Innovation and Wellness Standard. Information about the program can be found here.