Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K) announced today the launch of H+K EastWest, a new consultancy offer that supports Chinese companies’ investment in Europe and the Americas. The service will be hubbed out of H+K’s London, Washington, Ottawa and Beijing offices and will provide a full range of communications services for Chinese companies with existing or planned operations in Europe and the Americas.

H+K EastWest leverages H+K’s expertise in helping companies in China, Europe and the Americas, navigate and understand the respective landscapes and audiences. It will provide a gateway into the products and services that the larger H+K and WPP networks can offer to help clients succeed and maximise new opportunities. Services include market entry strategy, audience mapping and engagement, campaign development, messaging and storytelling, brand marketing and design, digital communications, government relations, media relations, channel strategy, reputation management, measurement and analysis and senior counsel.

H+K was the first communications agency to open in China more than 30 years ago and helps both leading global and Chinese companies build and protect their brands in China, as well as helping Chinese companies successfully launch and grow their brands internationally.

“China has ambitious plans to move from ‘Made in China’ to ‘Created in China,’” said Ye Yu, H+K China Chairman. “As part of that plan, we are now witnessing the second phase of Chinese companies’ outbound investment strategies, as they move from a resource acquisition play to a focus on moving up the value chain. Chinese firms are recognising that an integrated approach to marketing and content solutions is key to those efforts.”

“Chinese investment in Europe, across a range of sectors, continues to grow,” said Richard Millar, H+K London CEO. “At the same time the communications landscape is changing rapidly. As the lines between business and communications strategies become increasingly blurred, Chinese companies need to find more creative solutions to the challenges and opportunities that European markets present. H+K’s purpose-driven communications model means we are uniquely placed to help companies navigate this new landscape. H+K EastWest will serve this aim.”

“We have a lot of experience successfully assisting Chinese companies, both private and SOEs, entering the Americas economy,” said Mike Coates, President and CEO of H+K Americas. “Having an intimate knowledge of all government regulations and potential government, business and NGO partnership opportunities has been integral to the success we’ve helped clients achieve to date and we look forward to continuing that through H+K EastWest.”