Hill+Knowlton Strategies (H+K), is pleased to announce the creation of H+K SJR—a new service in Canada that will bring together the strategic communication and storytelling expertise of H+K, one of the country’s top-ranked public relations and public affairs firms, with the audience development, content and digital publishing experience of Group SJR.

Hill+Knowlton Strategies acquired Group SJR in 2013—bolstering its content marketing and digital expertise. This expansion into Canada further formalizes H+K’s communications philosophy, which includes delivering daily branded journalism engineered for reach and shareability across online and multimedia channels.

“As the traditional PR model continues to evolve, branded content is becoming an integral part of the communication mix,” says Goldy Hyder, president and CEO, H+K Canada. “Group SJR is leading growth in the U.S. and we’ve already seen its potential at work for our clients here in Canada.”

Given the always-on nature of today’s news cycle, and the clutter of voices competing for people’s attention, brands are increasingly being required to behave like top-tier publishers: to connect directly with consumers and give them the knowledge they crave. H+K SJR’s content approach helps brands act more like publishers—connecting them with audiences in meaningful ways.

“The world of content lives on a continuum from lightweight tweets to heavyweight white papers and television ads.  The H+K SJR sweet spot is middleweight content,” says Joseph Peters, senior vice-president and national practice leader, digital, social and content strategies at H+K Canada, who will also serve as national lead for H+K SJR in Canada. “The H+K SJR approach focuses on daily digital storytelling supported by compelling visuals to capture attention and engage audiences. By creating narratives with a steady drumbeat of top-shelf content—and original, daily and owned custom content creation—brands have the power to build authentic relationships, explain complex issues and, most important, connect in real-time with the influencers, media and consumers who matter most.”

Alexander Jutkowitz, vice chairman, chief global strategist and managing partner, Group SJR, believes Canadian brands have an opportunity to continue to innovate and monetize across the content space. “There’s nobody else in Canada currently doing content the H+K SJR way,” he says. “Through this partnership, we’re bringing public relations and publishing together, with storytelling and creative at its core. This is an exciting offering for brands seeking new solutions to take greater ownership of their narratives and build loyalty with their audiences.”

About Group SJR

Group SJR is a leading content marketing agency that delivers innovative digital marketing strategies, tactics and execution to Fortune 500 clients across the industries. Through the seamless delivery and consistent analytics review of high quality ‘middleweight’ editorial and multimedia content, Group SJR enables businesses and brands to engage directly with stakeholders – informing, educating and entertaining to create relationships, build brand equity and enhance sales opportunities. The 2014 Content Marketing Agency of the Year, Group SJR is built of creative strategists, in-house editors and multimedia producers, and PR professionals who ensure custom content reaches the right people at the right time with the right message. Group SJR is a Hill+Knowlton/WPP company.