Here’s a fun Game of Thrones-style map of the content marketing universe from Contently that marks H+K’s Group SJR as a staple among the “Agency Islands of the East.”

With Group SJR—one of the newest members of our H+K family—we develop and create digital content that gives companies and brands the power to tell their story, share their unique knowledge and find and engage the right audiences as never before. H+K’s Group SJR specializes in building audiences through great content, bolsters and complements our wealth of digital storytelling expertise.

This article was originally published on the Contently site on October 28, 2014.

MAP: The Content Marketing World, If It Was Westeros

Like Westeros, the content marketing universe is a complex place filled with magical creatures (data scientists!) and villains (budget-sucking display ads!). At Contently, we follow the happenings in this lands of branded content with the obsessive meticulousness of the most ardent Game of Thrones fan.

So, inspired by Hootsuite’s “Game of Social Thrones,” (and because Lumascapes make our brains hurt) we decided to map out the content marketing universe. Instead of King’s Landing, you’ll find the royalty that occupies Brand Publisher’s Landing. Across the Narrow Sea of Audience lie the Merchants of Content, willing to arm brands with eyeballs—for the right price. And to the South and along the Social Coast sit the social media networks those brands must ally with and conquer.

Further east, false promises abound in the Content Farms and the Desert of Syndication. But potential allies are plentiful as well, from the Southern Sponsored Content Studios, to the Agency Islands, and of course, the Content Marketing Platforms of the North, which bravely defend Castle Content from the display ads that lie beyond The Wall.

Enjoy. Repost. Share. And if anyone tells you that winter is coming for content marketing, tell them that they’re confusing it with TV ads. (And much love to Cynthia Park for making our absurd idea a reality.)

Courtesy of Contently