One month after starting my own blog some of my colleagues have asked me how I feel about it so far.  After reading an article about the comments of a CEO of a global public relations firm who recently stopped off in Toronto, I feel darned good.  When asked about his personal experience with social media, he admitted to having neither a Facebook page, Twitter account or blog.  I appreciated his candor but his answer made him look out of touch.  In a company where the largest category of employees is 25, I am all too aware of this risk and I am glad I have a blog!
I am finding there is no shortage of material for me to write about, there is so much diversity in my work.  I am not even beginning to touch on all the different aspects of our business.
Blogs are perfect for PR types.  Consultants often don’t have time to dig deep into a topic, and so they are the perfect length to share a few insights before moving on.  Interestingly, 450-500 word posts have helped me cut through the detail of whatever topic I am writing on.  In an industry where brevity is uncommon, blogging enforces disciplined communications on me.
I worry about saying something that may hurt the reputation of Hill & Knowlton or my colleagues and I am sure I spend more time considering what I say than more experienced bloggers. But I think blogging is a good way to encourage more of my colleagues to learn about the value of social media. If a guy who types with two fingers can do it – what’s stopping you?!
I have already used my blog as a practical way of responding to a media inquiry.  I am also finding that the feedback is building and the people have been fairly kind toward my rookie efforts so far.
Perhaps my biggest insight is how much I love my job!  There are so many different things I do, it’s heightened my appreciation for all that I have.  So I think I will keep blogging…or is it posting?  I don’t know if I am having any impact on anyone else, but it seems to be a good thing for my morale.