Motorola Mobility Canada trusts us as a long-time partner to lead its digital efforts. Our challenges are two-fold: first, that Motorola has two distinct digital communications audiences – retail sales reps and consumers; and, second, that managing online communities is difficult as Motorola products are not simultaneously released worldwide, which means the company’s global HQ and other regions create conflicting content.

We’re Motorola’s strategic advisor, community manager and content developer – for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube – and we deal with issue management and customer engagement. We target and creatively engage online influencers; manage online contesting and partnerships, building contest apps in-house; and created and managed “Motorola Insiders,” a sales rep incentive program that saw product sales soar. Using paid and organic measurement tools, we actively monitor online conversations to produce a monthly report. We’re also social media trendspotters, helping inform client initiatives.

Our strategic counsel allows direct-to-target engagement and continues to establish the brand as an active community partner. The results? Facebook fans numbering 80,000+, a highly engaged Twitter community and increased sales revenue.