Toronto Mayor John Tory announced that he signed a new by-law under the provisions of Toronto’s emergency declaration to impose two-meter physical distancing measures in City of Toronto parks and public squares.

The new by-law allows people to be prosecuted and fined upwards of $5,000 who do not adhere to the new by-law. These measures will be enforced towards any two people that do not live together and are congregating in a Toronto park or public space. The Mayor anticipates that permission will be granted to give a set fine ticket of $750 for people who are not in compliance with the by-law.

The Mayor’s announcement comes following Toronto Medical Officer of Health’s implementation of a class order that requires all people diagnosed, in close contact or returning from outside of Canada to stay in quarantine for a period of 14-days.

The new by-law comes into effect immediately. It has no impact on businesses and is has been put in place as an extended measure to protect residents and front-line workers.

Toronto Long-Term Care home update

Chief Matthew Pegg, General Manager of Toronto Emergency Management, provided an update for Toronto’s long-term care homes regarding efforts to protect residents and front-line staff.

Chief Pegg announced that the City is currently in the process of hiring 40 nursing students to support and backfill Personal Support Worker positions. Further, the City has redeployed 70 City staff into Toronto long-term care homes and have requested an additional 230 staff through Toronto’s Emergency Operations Centre. Twenty-two additional counsellors have also been redeployed to support front line operations in Toronto long-term care homes.

Measures continue to be undertaken to monitor and screen in Toronto long-term care homes and enhanced cleaning is being completed and maintained in each home. These measures are in addition to all staff wearing and using the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

Status of PPE management at the City of Toronto

Chief Pegg provided an update on the City’s proactive management of PPE and the robust processes in place, which include the City’s full connection with the Province of Ontario and the Government of Canada.

The City of Toronto has formally requested the delivery of more than 184 million articles of PPE for frontline workers and first responders within Toronto’s Shelter, long-term acre Homes and other City-operated facilities. The City’s request includes:

  • 66 million N-95 respirators
  • 5 million surgical masks
  • 5 million protective gowns
  • 446 million disposable protective gloves
  • 5 million eye shields and other forms of eye protection

Chief Pegg highlighted that these requirements have been validated by Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health and the City’s PPE needs assessments and supply chain requests are based on the worst case, full pandemic scenario that requires a seven-month supply.

The Chief noted that the supply and delivery of PPE is complicated by an increasing amount of face and fraudulent equipment and the City is taking measures to ensure all equipment is safe.