Campaigns are dynamic environments—constantly covered by the media. It can sometimes be difficult to know what’s policy and what’s not. To clarify things, we’ve launched a six-part series to summarize policy commitments from each of our major federal political parties, with three categories for policy commitments: official party policy that was announced at a planned pre-election or election event; unofficial positions made by party leaders or spokespersons in response to newly introduced platform items from opposing parties, domestic and international situations, or questions from the media; and, traditional party policy in areas, but not yet announced as continued commitment and formal inclusion into 2015 party platform.
The health of our country’s economy is top-of-mind for many Canadians headed to the ballot box this fall. With each major party offering distinct solutions to an at-times sore subject, we’ve compiled and analyzed the trending large-scale economic policies and fiscal commitments that each party has put forward.
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