Last week marked the official beginning of the provincial election campaign. Campaign buses revved up, meet-and-greets multiplied, and of course the all important campaign photo ops began.  More than just acts of self promotion, these gave a taste of each party leader’s campaign style.  Let’s have a look at the top snaps from the week.
Green energy gets rev’d up
Premier McGuinty spent a great deal of time promoting the Liberals’ green energy plan.  McGuinty spent Friday touring the Flextronics solar panel plan in Newmarket.  He later stopped at a Toyota plant in Woodstock to do laps in an RAV4 – which was red, of course – outlining the party’s commitment to clean energy and manufacturing. The criticism the Liberals have received on their green energy plan is no doubt leaving them feeling vulnerable, particularly when the other parties are campaigning on platforms of affordability.  As a result, McGuinty is using as many opportunities as possible to flaunt the plan’s successes and outline how he will build upon the government’s record.
Family ties
Hudak’s family has figured prominently in his campaign.  Wife Deb and daughter Miller have been front and centre at campaign events and rallies, and are even pictured on the side of the PC campaign bus.  Hudak’s first campaign stop was at the Big Apple restaurant in Colborne, where he is pictured helping Miller behind the wheel of an arcade game. Emphasizing his role as a family man not only creates a connection to voters, but reinforces the central notion of Hudak’s campaign – that a PC government would bring much needed “change for Ontario families”.
Real people, affordable change
NDP Leader Andrea Horwath spent the majority of last week in her hometown of Hamilton. But, on Saturday evening she was at a roller derby in Toronto, where she earned the nickname “Steeltown Scrapper” before heading back home.  Along the way, Horwath made a number of Tim Hortons pit stops – including this one near the Ford plant in Oakville- where she talked to locals about job creation and affordability. Grabbing a cup of joe with the locals and discussing their day-to-day challenges speaks to the NDP’s theme of “putting people first”.
And now, onto week two of the campaign. What will this week’s snapshots reveal?
Natalie Tutunzis is a member of the Toronto public affairs team.