Canadians are the most digitally connected people in the world. We spend an average 42 hours on the web each month, and more than 80 per cent of us use smartphones. Canadian businesses are leading the way with online banking, mobile apps and e-commerce. We use web services for traffic, weather, finances, and even finding the nearest bus stop using GPS.
What about governments?  How should they lever technology to better serve citizens?
We partnered with PwC to launch Citizen Compass™ – an online public engagement platform – to talk to Canadians about the future of e-services. Using our interactive Choicebook and crowdsourcing tools, we engaged more than 3,000 Canadians about the e-services they want – such as renewing passports on smartphones – and how they wish to access them. Armed with our findings, PwC is now working with governments across Canada to develop strategies and applications to deliver citizen-centred and customized e-services from coast to coast.