+ 1 What do you read to keep current on the latest trends and news?
This is an ongoing exercise. It was a lot easier back in the day when all you needed to do was read the Calgary Herald and the Globe & Mail. These days, I usually start off with those two digital sources, then move along to the Daily Oil Bulletin, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Financial Times. I sometimes give the National Post and The Huffington Post a skim, and if I need a laugh or two, The Onion takes care of that.
+ 2 If you could live in any city, where would it be and why?
In North America, it would have to be New Orleans, for the resiliency and friendliness of the people, the food and the music. In Europe, probably Amsterdam, for the people and the history.
What’s your “plan B” if you need to spontaneously switch careers?
I’ve often toyed with the idea of going to the “dark side” of media relations, but I’ve never been able to actually take that particular plunge, although I’ve had more than a few opportunities. At this stage in life, Plan B would probably entail moving to ski country to teach skiing in the winter and, well…pump gas in the summer.
Most coveted superpower?
Flight. Commuting and parking can be a real pain most days.
+ 5 Looking back, of which moment in your career are you most proud of and why?
No one accomplishment stands out. I’ve never put too much stock in awards, although Oilweek has won its share of those over the years. I think most important to me now is putting out a first-rate product. Memorable cover stories I’ve been involved with include Charlie Fischer, on his retirement from Nexen, and Pat Daniel on his retirement from Enbridge. And our annual Rising Stars issue in May is always memorable for its profiles of our next generation of industry leaders.