+1 Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest?
Facebook for friends, Twitter for work and Pinterest for my fantasy life in which I have all the time in the world to redecorate my house and spend days preparing ridiculously over-the-top baked goods.
+2 What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
I was a ticket girl at Centreville. It was dreadful. I had to wear an awful, unflattering polyester uniform (which I had to pay for, of course) in a crowded little booth, which would get progressively hotter as the day went on. At the time I was living with my brother in east Toronto, so I had to take a bus, the LRT, three subways and then the ferry just to get to work. And I had to buy my own ferry tickets, even though the job only paid minimum wage. I lasted one month, then bailed and got a job at Seduction, North America’s largest erotic boutique. But that’s another story.
+3 Not including your own newspaper, what else do you read?
The Sunday New York Times is the only other paper I read in print form. During the week I’m reading stories from tons of other publications – basically whatever catches my eye on Twitter, Facebook and my news feed. And magazines. Lots of magazines. I’m trying to wean myself because I feel personally responsible for the death of thousands of trees.
+4 What’s your guilty indulgence?
A bag of Wavy Lays potato chips, a container of Heluva Good dip and no one watching.
+5 Looking back, of which moment in your career are you most proud and why?
This question is the hardest. I’m simply proud of myself for making it this far, really. To be able to have a journalism job – dealing with a topic I love – is pretty special these days.