+ 1 What do you read to keep current on the latest trends and news?
Blogs and my twitter feed. Twitter is great for keeping up to date on news and current events as they happen. I like being able to digest headlines in 40 characters or less and then saving favourite tweets for later when I have more time to delve into the linked articles. But blogs are my main source of what’s going on in the world. Design inspiration, home cooking, parenting and fashion tips… whatever I’m looking for, I can find it there in my reader.
+ 2 If you could live in any city, where would it be and why?
Only one? I’d have to say I’d stay right where I am, in Toronto. I love our city’s diversity, the changing of the seasons, and the relative ease of living a happy, fulfilling life here. However, I am tempted to just pick up and move to Paris. The food, the architecture – that city will always have my heart.
What’s your “plan B” if you need to spontaneously switch careers?
Working on Martha Stewart’s craft team. I’d love to create and make pretty things with my hands all day long.
Most coveted superpower?
Flying. I could make it from my desk to dipping my toes in the lake at the cottage in no time!
+ 5 Looking back, of which moment in your career are you most proud of and why?
Organizing the first Pecha Kucha Toronto and launching my book, Design City Toronto, at the opening night party of Doors Open 2007. I brought forward a new concept (presentations featuring only 20 slides, each slide shown for 20 seconds), convinced the city’s greatest architects including Bruce Kuwabara, Donald Schmitt and Mayor David Miller to give those presentations to the audience of 600, got Doors Open to build their opening night festivities around the event, and convinced the Design Exchange to host it. I was a first-time author and design industry outsider, with nothing but an interesting idea to offer. It really proved to me that with passion and a commitment to working collaboratively, you really can make anything happen.