+1 What do you read to keep current on the latest trends and news?
I spend a lot of time online research everything from news, style, fashion, travel, etc. I’ve always been a believer that you can’t grasp trends by reading just one section of the newspaper. I love reading the airline travel magazines; They tend to cover off lots of lifestyle topics outside of just travel.
+2  If you could live in any city, where would it be and why?
To live: New York City. To work: Toronto. Love them both!
+3  What’s your “Plan B” if you need to spontaneously switch careers?
If I didn’t need to make money, then I’d work at a coffee shop or in PR. If money was an issue, I’d launch a full time interior design business.
+4 Most coveted superpower? 
My superpower would be to read minds. It would save so much time and questions when helping people decorate.
+5 Looking back, of which moment in your career are you most proud of and why?
When I joined the CTV team at Canada AM as their home & decor expert. I want to retire there; they are like family.