+1 What do you read to keep current on the latest trends and news?
I tend to look at various newspaper websites throughout the day and have Google alerts set up on my email for many different topics that I either cover or am interested in for both professional and personal reasons. I also listen to a lot of radio news.
+2 If you could live in any city, where would it be and why?
Ah, Roma! After all, it’s in my blood. The food. The music. The culture. The soccer.  Rome is a bustling, entertaining and vibrant city. I also love the architecture and its connection to the past. What I find fascinating is walking by an excavation site in the heart of Rome and realizing we’re walking in the middle of ancient history.
+3 What’s your “plan B” if you need to spontaneously switch careers?
Why communications of course! I’ve often thought that would be a good option and I even have courses to my credit in that field. I also think about freelance writing and consulting work in media, communications, etc.
+4 Most coveted superpower?
Country or personal skill? Ha. If it’s skills, then I think developing and nurturing relationships is probably the one thing people can’t go wrong with no matter what they do in their lives.
+5 Looking back, of which moment in your career are you most proud of and why?
I’ve been at this for 34 years and counting. I think I’m just very proud of the fact I’ve last this long in this industry and developed a strong reputation with people in the city and nationally for being fair, accurate and balanced. FAB. It was once the catch-all mantra here. But looking back at certain events it’s hard not to top the 1988 Olympics. For a couple of weeks we were front and centre around the world and I was part of that coverage.