+1 What do you read to keep current on the latest trends and news? 
Better to ask what I don’t read – the list is shorter. I do try to read and listen to news outlets that present different points of view, because if you only listen to like-minded voices, you’ll never learn anything new, or be able to engage and find commonality with folks with whom you disagree — and that’s a quality that will be increasingly important if society is going to move forward.
+2 If you could live in any city, where would it be and why?
Chicago – I visited it for the first time this spring and fell in love. When I walked into the Art Institute of Chicago, I actually burst into tears, because I was so overcome by its beauty, grandeur and energy.
+3 What’s your “plan B” if you need to spontaneously switch careers?
I’d get a gig overseeing online/print/social media content for a retailer or manufacturer – because that’s where the real creativity seems to happening these days. Or become a professional hockey player (although I’d first have to learn how to skate backwards.)
+4 Most coveted superpower?   
To read other people’s thoughts. It would make interviews move so much more quickly.
+5 Looking back, of which moment in your career are you most proud of and why?
When I was an intern at the Globe and Mail some 30 years ago, and film critic Jay Scott looked at one of my pieces and said, “Wow, you really can write!” Followed closely by the fact that when Doug Junke, an associate editor for the New in Homes section of the Toronto Star, retired, he told me that he’d always looked forward to reading my columns. Those words, from an editor, were golden.