Hygiene Council (HC) – a think tank comprised of prominent doctors and professors who specialize in clinical microbiology, immunology and infectious diseases – was formed with grants from Reckitt Benckiser (RB). HC experts tour countries around the globe to share timely information about germ protection and disease prevention.
Since 2006, we’ve organized the annual Canadian tour leg, positioning RB as a company concerned about health issues and generating visibility for the company’s Lysol line of disinfectant products. Each year, we’ve worked closely with Dr. Donald Low, microbiologist-in-chief at Mount Sinai Hospital – who we recommended for the HC – to add Canadian content and credibility.
To date, the program has netted more than 140 million media impressions.  Of these, more than 40 per cent mentioned Lysol, which helped position the brand as a vital part of an effective hygiene routine.