SARS, Asian Bird Flu, H1N1 and other global pandemics are spreading more rapidly than at any time in human history because of globalization and travel.   The effects of these diseases have been severe and the public is growing increasingly concerned about their health and safety. From these and other disease outbreak experiences, governments have learned that they need to change the way they respond to these new health threats.
That’s why the Public Health Agency of Canada decided to work with us to design and build a strategic social media presence. In a matter of weeks,1000s of Canadians become “fans” of the agency on Facebook, receiving real-time updates on H1N1 when they most needed it. Others have used the agency’s innovative H1N1 Information Centre to share personalized information on the virus. And, the agency has recently launched the first branded YouTube channel of any government organization in Canada.
By having personalized health advice shared through their social networks, Canadians are able to make more informed decisions to protect their health.