Strategic Storytelling Index

by H+K United States

March 1, 2018

Strategic Storytelling Index

Making memorable, emotional connections are at the heart of strategic storytelling. The Strategic Storytelling Index measures the emotional and intellectual magnetism of your brand stories across a scale of Wonder, Wisdom and Delight – the three attributes present in great storytelling. The data from this Hill+Knowlton Strategies research tool, based on principles within the book … Read more

3 Questions with H+K US CEO Alex Jutkowitz

Leading up to Holmes Report’s Global PR Summit, PRovoke17, we asked Alexander Jutkowitz, H+K US CEO, to tell us his perspective on the changing communications landscape. Alex will join the event as a panelist discussing navigating change in a new reality.How can brands innovate faster in a world of uncertainty?It all starts with how you define uncertainty. … Read more