Hill+Knowlton Strategies Canada launches QA+

by H+K Canada

February 23, 2017

Hill+Knowlton Strategies Canada launches QA+

Owning your company’s narrative in the shifting and often publicly-driven social media space can be tough. Between misconceptions and misunderstandings, the social web is also littered with fake news and an army of trolls. With that said, it’s more important than ever to break through the clutter. Your audience has questions. And you already have … Read more

Now more than ever we need social information

There is a spectre hanging over North America that demands our attention. It isn’t the pending Trump regime, although it does require the most intense scrutiny. Nor is it the unlashing of white supremacist and anti-semitic intolerance, both of which should be faced down in every instance. No, the spectre that should deeply concern us … Read more

Three reasons to embrace social media in a crisis

Evidence from real-life events bolstered by research demonstrates that people increasingly use social media to get and share information in urgent situations. At the same time, anecdotal experience also bolstered by real-life incidents shows that many organizations are not using social media well—or at all—to communicate in crises. In general, they either think it’s not … Read more

Canadian photographers on Instagram

Wanderlust. Animals. Food. Love. Thanks to smartphones, anyone can document the moments of life through a lens and share it with the world—admittedly, some of us do it with more artistic flare. Whether it’s a trained photographer who shares stunning works of art through an Instagram channel, or an iPhone junkie who’s a serial shoot-and-post … Read more

Social hieroglyphics – The emoji evolution

Is the art of communication dead? As communication professionals, we sure hope not; but to make sure, we turned to our H+K Perspectives panel—a diverse 20,000-strong Canadian research community—to explore how texting and messaging are changing the communication landscape and how we connect with one another. As it turns out, communication is alive and well. … Read more

H+K Canada brings home PROMO! GOLD

It’s always an honour to be recognized by our industry and peers for the innovative work that we do for our clients. But it’s especially satisfying when recognition comes from competitive disciplines for work we do that’s considered “outside of the traditional PR box.” Amidst a very competitive category, H+K Canada clinched a gold win for … Read more

Social media fails – Not so tough to manage

Pick any week in any month and you’ll likely see a company or organization facing an issue or crisis that has the social web as its battlefield. Hacks (Ashley Madison). Twitter rants (Tinder vs. Vanity Fair). Twitter fights (Herbalife vs. @AfueraHerbaLIES). Online shamings (Walter Palmer and Cecil the lion). And, that’s just a few weeks … Read more

Strategy! Not technology

The title of this MIT Sloan Management and Deloitte study says what’s needed: Strategy, not Technology, Drives Digital Transformation. The 2015 Digital Business Global Executive Study and Research Project by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte “identifies strategy, not technology, as the key driver of success in the digital arena.” In general it found: (T)hat maturing digital … Read more

It’s not your turf, Reddit

The drumbeat simply got too loud. After a week or so of outrage and invective—some of it admittedly racist and sexist—against Reddit, Inc. interim CEO Ellen Pao, the embattled executive resigned late Friday afternoon. In its report of her resignation, Mike Isaac and David Streitfeld of the New York Times positioned it as a victory for the … Read more