Fake news isn’t going away, so here’s how you handle it

by H+K Canada

March 6, 2017

Fake news isn’t going away, so here’s how you handle it

This article was originally published in The Hill Times on March 6, 2017. If your organization—a political party, government department, or office supporting an elected official—is the victim of a fake news campaign, you have to implement rapid counter-measures. Facebook has been taking steps to limit fake news, but they have important shortcomings, writes Ellis Westwood. … Read more

PwC online public engagement platform

Canadians are the most digitally connected people in the world. We spend an average 42 hours on the web each month, and more than 80 per cent of us use smartphones. Canadian businesses are leading the way with online banking, mobile apps and e-commerce. We use web services for traffic, weather, finances, and even finding … Read more

Motorola – digital communications

Motorola Mobility Canada trusts us as a long-time partner to lead its digital efforts. Our challenges are two-fold: first, that Motorola has two distinct digital communications audiences – retail sales reps and consumers; and, second, that managing online communities is difficult as Motorola products are not simultaneously released worldwide, which means the company’s global HQ … Read more

Eight digital lessons from the Obama campaign

Obama for America 2012, from a social/digital perspective, was arguably the greatest fundraising, communications, and voter mobilization efforts, ever.  Our global digital communications practice director, Andrew Bleeker, shared his campaign work insights from 2012 and 2008, with clients and staff this week. The scale of the Obama social/digital campaign is hard for us to appreciate; … Read more