All aboard! Last stop for the Party Congress at the Seventh Plenum station

by Benjamin Cooper

October 16, 2017

All aboard! Last stop for the Party Congress at the Seventh Plenum station

Train Station

From October 11-14th, the Party’s Central Committee convened in Beijing for its Seventh Plenum, the last assembly of the elite body’s roughly 200 members before the conclusion of its five-year term at the 19th Party Congress. The closed-door gathering saw the Chinese leadership iron out its final preparations for the quinquennial political transition. The top … Read more

Sailing with the “Red Boat Spirit” into China’s New Era

Last week, China’s new leadership team made a rare joint visit to some of the historical sites of the Party’s founding. The politically symbolic tour reaffirmed that strengthening the Party’s centrality across virtually all aspects of Chinese society will remain a hallmark of the Xi administration’s second term. All Chinese and foreign businesses need to … Read more

The dawn of Xi Jinping Thought – What the Party’s New Ideological Compass Means for the President and China’s Future

China Party Congress

On the final day of the 19th Party Congress, the Chinese leadership unveiled what was arguably the most dramatic outcome of its five-yearly political summit: the enshrinement of “Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era” in the Party Constitution. And while it may sound arcane and irrelevant to outside observers, … Read more

No country for old communications – The Big e-Bang for rebooting Beijing’s public voice?

Mobile Communications

In recent years, the spectacular breaking of China’s digital dawn has unfolded at a pace and scale that has been unprecedented around the world. From ordinary citizens to massive conglomerates, the nation has fully plugged into the digital future, and Chinese officialdom has recognized the urgency of keeping up with its tech-savvy populace and corporates. … Read more

All politics is local – big players in China’s regional supply chain for national office

China Leadership

With the 19th Party Congress scheduled to kick off on October 18th, the behemoth on Beijing’s political calendar is now bearing down on us full-tilt, and speculation abounds as to which newcomers will fill the five expected vacancies on the Politburo Standing Committee (PBSC), China’s supreme decision-making panel. Beijing has a long tradition of cherry-picking … Read more