Hill+Knowlton Strategies Canada launches QA+

by H+K Canada

February 23, 2017

Hill+Knowlton Strategies Canada launches QA+

Owning your company’s narrative in the shifting and often publicly-driven social media space can be tough. Between misconceptions and misunderstandings, the social web is also littered with fake news and an army of trolls. With that said, it’s more important than ever to break through the clutter. Your audience has questions. And you already have … Read more

Q&A with PRovoke17 Panelist Jeanniey Mullen, CMO of Mercer

In advance of our PRovoke17 panel “Navigating Change in a New Reality,” we spoke with panelist Jeanniey Mullen (Global CMO, Mercer) about real-time communication, leveraging brand ambassadors, and what she’s most looking forward to at the summit.  How has our new reality of quicker and constant communication effected how we operate as consultants? In a world … Read more

Q&A with The Holmes Report’s Aarti Shah

Fun Imagery

As Provoke17 approaches, we took the opportunity to speak with Aarti Shah, Head of Strategic Partnerships, COO, and Senior Editor at The Holmes Report about diversity, augmented reality, and what she’s looking forward to at the conference. As VR and AI become increasingly integrated into our daily lives, what can communications professionals do to stay ahead of … Read more