Smart City-zens Required

by Sara Gourlay

Global Head of Technology
January 9, 2018

Smart City-zens Required

smart cities

Unsurprisingly, smart cities are high on the agenda at CES this year, with a dedicated smart city showcase focused on bringing this most utopian of ideas to life. According to Navigant Research, we can expect to see a global market for smart city solutions and services of $97.9 billion in 2026. The development of smart cities … Read more

Urban Tomorrow: Gemma Ginty on the future of smart cities

What exactly is a smart city? Ask anyone who has worked on these urban development projects and they’ll tell you that the definition is constantly changing. We asked Gemma Ginty, Urban Futures Lead at Future Cities Catapult, this and more in a conversation about the future of urban development and how cities can improve the … Read more