Healthcare: A Discussion the Whole Community Should Be Having

by H+K Global

June 18, 2016

Healthcare: A Discussion the Whole Community Should Be Having

Innovative and creative communication is no longer limited to traditional consumer brands. The health sector has recently witnessed an incredible surge in creative campaigns that convey strong messages and highlight key issues. Lions Health is only a three year old category at the Cannes Lions festival, but it’s already carved out a space for itself, inspiring … Read more

Fake news isn’t going away, so here’s how you handle it

This article was originally published in The Hill Times on March 6, 2017. If your organization—a political party, government department, or office supporting an elected official—is the victim of a fake news campaign, you have to implement rapid counter-measures. Facebook has been taking steps to limit fake news, but they have important shortcomings, writes Ellis Westwood. … Read more

Brick-And-Mobile: How Shopping Is Becoming Social

shopping for vinyl

Shopping is changing drastically. Our entire customer journey – from discovery to research to the point of purchase – has moved online and become intuitive and social. In many ways today, products find us just as much as we find them. The advents of mobile technology and social media have been crucial factors in this … Read more

What Sports Teach About Winning Reputations

Author is Larry Krutchik, a senior vice president and media trainer at H+K Strategies U.S. This article was first published on LinkedIn. This past weekend, I had the opportunity to provide media coaching for a special group of athletes who are chasing their dreams to participate in the Olympic Games in Rio. I then celebrated Father’s … Read more

Real-Time with Everyone


Anyone who has been following the Cannes Lion Festival can attest that the expansive live-stream coverage has you feeling as close to the festival as possible. Magnify takes a look at why live-streaming is so appealing to viewers. A close study of milestones leading up to the “live” platform’s widespread adoption sheds light on where social … Read more

Big contests, big awareness

To build its social media community, improve direct-to-consumer engagement and drive product awareness, we work with Motorola Mobility Canada using a 360-degree marketing approach that includes contests. As Motorola’s social media partner, we are well-positioned to create contests with strategic, goal-oriented precision – and execute them flawlessly. Our Motorola “Four Weeks of RAZR Awesome” exceeded … Read more

Of Dashboards and Videos

(Originally published at In my sometimes frustrating effort to stay on top of new social web technologies, I’ve come across a few more that could have value for enterprise social web teams. As more organizations move beyond the single-Twitter-and-Facebook account stage, their community managers come up against the problem of managing a bunch of … Read more

Google+ is – Well – a Plus

(Originally published at Boy do social web natives draw the knives quickly when it comes to Google and Facebook. Google+ hasn’t even launched yet but the judgments have come in short order. Right off the bat I want to ask the question Could we be sacrificing reflection, analysis and context simply for speed? But … Read more

Technology Stuff

(originally published at I was asked today to talk about any ‘new’ social web assets that the organization I was meeting with should consider. It’s a common question from clients and colleagues alike. Partly it’s a function of curiosity and partly I think a belief there is a social web object somewhere that will … Read more

Canada’s Startup Landscape – Alive and Well?

Mark MacLeod, General Partner with Real Ventures, and Danny Robinson, co-founder of Strutta, weighed in on Canada’s startup landscape on a Q and A moderated by Mark Evans, co-founder of Mesh. The audience was very engaged, with a wide range questions coming in fast from the live audience and the Twittersphere. Danny and Mark agreed that barriers are tumbling … Read more