Meaningful mirrors, new newsfeeds, and more


October 30, 2017

Meaningful mirrors, new newsfeeds, and more

Did you already throw James Comey a follow on his secret Twitter? No? Okay, well surely you applied for the opening to be the British Royal Family’s intern? Didn’t do that either? Don’t feel bad—these runners lost the 2017 Venice Marathon because they were following a motorcycle that took a wrong turn. Here are five more stories to keep … Read more

Secondhand Shopping's Firsthand Benefits

Secondhand goods are having a moment—and it goes far beyond garage sales and flea markets. The process of selling old items and buying used ones is becoming easier with online marketplaces and mobile apps, and upcycle-friendly consumers are taking advantage of the trend. “Re-commerce,” as it has been dubbed, is shaking up the retail market, … Read more