SXSW: The Most Talked-About Sessions, the Biggest Influencers

by H+K Global

March 21, 2017

SXSW: The Most Talked-About Sessions, the Biggest Influencers

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As SXSW takes its final bows for 2017, we’ve reviewed the highlights of the festival to pinpoint who and what received the most traction online, and to decode why. This year, from Friday, March 10th until Sunday, March 19th, Texas once again became host to the world’s most curious, creative and pioneering people within the … Read more

Are AI & Automation a Threat to Public Relations?


Yes, it certainly does seem to me! I have been reading a lot about industries across the world incorporating Artificial Intelligence and automation in their operations. From manufacturing, driving cars, delivery services, warehousing, accounting, to the media and entertainment industry (Haven’t you heard of automated/algorithmic/robot journalism?), the words Artificial Intelligence and automation represent something unknown, … Read more

VR for all? A Glance at the New Virtual World

From virtual surgery at the Royal London Hospital to digital browsing at Ikea, virtual reality (VR) is popping up in unexpected industries as the latest tool for shoppers, educators, and more. But as VR’s applications broaden, the question for many people becomes: What are we actually going to do with it in our everyday lives? … Read more

Creativity + New Reality Live-Stream

Creativity+-2017-static-banner-for-Mailchimp.png 4]

We are now live on Facebook! View here or join the conversation on our page. New Reality, Same Old Brain – Matt Battersby, Behavioural Scientist Pete Beeney, Global Agency Lead, Spotify Branding in a Screenless World Nanette Braun, Chief of Communications and Advocacy, UN Women Redefining CSR in Marketing Redefining CSR in Marketing Jessica Walsh, … Read more