The Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) is the independent association that represents all rural municipal governments in Saskatchewan. By levering our deep knowledge of government and extensive network of key decision-makers, Hill+Knowlton has helped the association establish a very strong voice in Ottawa over the past 12 years. This voice has not only influenced public policy – it is also regularly sought out by decision-makers.
Our efforts have resulted in significant achievements over the years, most recently with the replacement and improvement of the Navigable Waters Protection Act – the oldest piece of government legislation. We secured appearances for SARM before House, Senate and Caucus committees, and organized meetings with key departmental officials and politicians where SARM presented detailed arguments in favour of legislative change based on concrete evidence from rural municipalities.
Based on these meetings, rural municipalities will now be able to move forward more efficiently and effectively with important infrastructure initiatives that ensure the future success of rural Canada while maintaining environmental standards.