Introducing Arthur Fleischmann, Country Manager of WPP Canada

In our Time to Talk series, our President + CEO Sheila Wisniewski introduces us to people from all over Canada, from different industries and disciplines to have deep and insightful conversations about our world.

For the fourth episode, Sheila speaks with Arthur Fleischmann, Country Manager of WPP Canada. In this episode, Sheila and Arthur discuss the new WPP campus at the Waterfront Innovation Centre located in Toronto, Ontario. Their discussion highlights the importance of coming together to collaborate and create industry-leading client work, as well as re-imaging and innovating the way WPP employees work and how they utilize the physical office space in a post-pandemic world.

Since opening its doors to employees in May 2022, the WPP campus has garnered some of the highest employee occupancy rates out of any office space located in North America. When asked what this move means for WPP, Fleischmann shared, “The WPP campus is the physical embodiment of the WPP strategy, which is bringing together diverse types of thinking and talent across commerce, technology, experience, advertising and communications, and that’s what we’re building here.”

By providing WPP employees with a state-of-the-art workspace, Fleischmann hopes that the WPP campus continues to adapt and evolve alongside macro trends in life-work balance and modernize how agencies function to incorporate agile working processes versus traditional silo models.

Watch the video below for the full conversation.